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Nothing in Me - Part One

Jesus said to His disciples;

"The ruler of this age is coming and has nothing in me." The implications of this statement should profoundly affect every one of His true believers. (17 Pages) Micah Bell *4.00


You Must be Born Again

From personal experience, Micah shares his personal experience of the difference between being converted and being born again. (15 Pages) Micah Bell *4.00


Freedom From Addictions to Pornography

The power of this addiction can be defeated through deliverance from the demons that cause and control it.(12 Pages) Micah Bell *4.00

Ministry for the Broken Heart 

The ministry calling of Jesus, which is the calling of all believers, includes the commission to heal broken hearts, leaving the questions: What is a broken heart? How is a heart broken? How do you heal a broken heart? Understanding and ministry is in this book.

 (40 Pages) By Micah Stephen Bell *5.00


Deliverance Essentials

A step-by-step guidance for personal deliverance expanded from the original Breaking Free booklet. This workbook will not only prepare you for deeper deliverance, but show you how to help others. (30 Pages) Micah Bell *10.00

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Forgiveness PDF

Earth's greatest killer is unforgiveness and heart bitterness. Bitterness tears the spirit and poisons the soul. Unforgiveness is devastating. We must forgive. If not, we will not be forgiven -- something we desperately need. This 19-page book covers the roots of bitterness and how to be set free through forgiveness. (19 Pages) By Micah Stephen Bell *4.00

The Ahab Spirit

Our enemy, Satan, knows God's order and goes for the head of the family, church or organization. He knows God's order than most Christians. He goes after the men, the males of leadership. There has been an abdication of the headship in the marriage and home causing great destruction. It's time for men to wake up and walk in God's order and leadership. (27 Pages) By Micah Stephen Bell *6.00

Why Cast Out Demons? PDF

Obviously God's people are not receiving all the help they need; otherwise, there would be more victorious Christians. Beyond the argument of need, there are strong Scriptural reasons we should cast out demons. The Bible presents this ministry as normal Christianity, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was the main proponent of it. (12 Pages) By Micah Bell *4.00

Jezebel Exposed PDF

There are few marriages, families and churches without conflict caused primarily by the demonic spirits exposed in this book. This book not only exposes the works of the Jezebel spirits, but also provides the steps of ministry needed to break free of the bondage caused by these spirits in both men and women. (34 Pages) By Micah Stephen Bell *7.00

Freedom From Fear

Everyone has a battle with some kind of fear in this or her life. In fact, it is difficult to see all the fears we have. Through the years from the womb on, we are bombarded with traumas or unknowns of one degree or another. They infuse us with fear. This book will help you understand fear and break free of its torments. (13 Pages) By Micah Stephen Bell *4.00


The original book for deliverance with some 100,000+ copies  in several lunges out there.

Hidden Bitterness

The full Breath of bitterness is very difficult to detect because of its unabating evasiveness. Many are surprised when they earnestly begin to let the Holy Spirit shine His full light into their hearts to find an incompletely drained bitter pool with its remaining refuse, souring their soul and aborting the development of the Christ within them. (30 pages)

By Micah Stephen Bell *6.00

No Other Gods

Here is a book with information that has come out of years of ministry seeking to find reasons why some believers had oppression in their lives or homes. Much of the information is untraditional, and even controversial, but all of the insights have come through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The results of following the directions given have often been phenomenal. (37 Pages) By Micah Stephen Bell *6.00

The Leviathan Spirit

Most people that have the Leviathan spirit never get the deliverance they need because that is what Leviathan does—keeps one from getting delivered. Most ministers who won’t open up to the ministry of deliverance have a Leviathan spirit as do most of the people who fight this ministry; as a consequence, they don’t get delivered either. (20 Pages)

By Micah Stephen Bell *6.00

Deliverance Prayers

Model prayers for deliverance from demonic oppressions such as the effects of unforgiveness, curses, occult involvement and such. Several of these prayers are found in Micah's books. *4.00

Holding on in the Last Days

Micah shares about a personal ministry experience that almost destroyed him and the ministry. Out of this, there is much to learn about the need for encurance, expecially in these last days. (14 Pages)

By Micah Stephen Bell *3.00

Stop The Hurt!

Micah shares the main keys for living an overcoming life in your Christian walk with the Lord. The book has several testimonies of his experiences in ministry the past 34 years. This book could change your relationship with God and you life! (95 Pages)

By Micah Stephen Bell *10.00

Relationships/Marriage Workshop Workbook

In outline form, this workbook covers seven core relationship issues: Competent Character, Circumstance of Choice, Cleanness of Conduct, Confession of Covered Things, Cutting of Controls, Clinging to Covenant and Continually Choosing.

(18 Pages) *8.00

Now What PDF

What happens and what you do after deliverance is very important for you to maintain what you have received. The seven short chapters in this booklet will help you secure your deliverance and establish dominion. 

by Micah Stephen Bell *3.00

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