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The Lord promises when we ask, seek and knock He will give us bread and not a stone, fish and not a serpent or an egg not a scorpion. Each of these requests represent a parable about the Kingdom and its options versus what the world has for us. Sunday morning July 10, 2016

Root Deliverance of Bitterness

Even though our memories are not dependable, the remembrance of hurts can be vivid to the point of feeding a root of bitterness throughout our life if we allow it. We can choose to forgive and come to love our worst enemies.

Your Hidden Man

True worship of God comes from the heart which is what the Bible calls the hidden man. Psychologists call this part of our being the sub-conscience. God's Word has much to say about this part of our makeup.


Fruits of Unbelief - Micah Bell
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Fruits of Unbelief

Unbelief produces fear, bitterness and helplessness in  a believer's life. Deeper understanding about these may help you find deliverance and freedom from such.

Breakfast Bible Study - Satruday July 9, 2016

Your Measure of Faith

Each believer is endowned with a gifting to function in the Local Body of believers in certain ministries and given a measure of faith to do so.

Your Measure of Faith - Micah Bell
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Looking for the Lost Part 1 - Micah Bell
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Looking for the Lost Part 2 - Micah Bell
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Looking for the Lost

You cannot lose something that does not belong to someone. Jesus came looking for lost sheep. Whose were they? (From Saturday Morning Bible Study)

My Witness

Jesus said we are to be His witnesses throughout the entire earth. The testimony of our experience of coming to know Him is our most powerful tool of evangelism to reach others. Let  us not be afraid or ashamed of this Gospel. April 24, 2016

Is THAT the Church?

During a recent trip to Guatemala, Micah saw a place previously visited that had a great increase in churches but also an increase in crime and danger. What's going on?

Dimensions of Love

When Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him, He was actually ministering deliverance and healing to him because of Peter's deep shame of denying Jesus. There are three dimensions of love, and we need all  three. Micah Bell February 28, 2015


The enemy uses the fear of death to control even believers who have been promised they will pass over to the place prepared for them by Jesus without "seeing" death. We all are appointed to die, so let us renounce and be delivered from the fear of death and ALL other fears.

Breaking Spiritual Bondages

Satruday Morning Bible Study April 9, 2016

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Death - Micah Bell
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The Mystery of the Church - Micah Bell
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Breaking Spiritual Bondages - Micah Bell
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The Mystery of the Church

So many, like myself in earlier days, assume they know the pattern for the local church not realizing it is a mystery to be revealed to those who seek the revelation from the Holy Spirit. There is ministry of deliverance on this video from April 3, 2016.