Some Brethren have inquired about being connected to or covered spiritually by our ministry although living at a distance - even in another country.


In previous days, the Lord would not approve us for such relationships, however in this present time, many are not able to find a body of believers who want and do all that the Heavenly Father has for His remnant.


After much prayer and consideration, we believe the Lord now approves such extended relationships between us considering there is no physical distance in the spiritual realm and the fact that all of us need to be jointed and covered, especially in these troubled times.


Ideally, a personal visit to our ministry would enhance such a jointing, but we know that is not always possible. Our next best contact would be via Skype, some other video media or telephone. Finally, we are left with Email or a letter to establish the connection spiritually.


If you are one so led of the Holy Spirit, you can initiate the closer relationship by completing a Personal Ministry Information Form (If you have not already done so) and the form here: