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Clint Crisp's video to invite those in his area in England.


I’d worked for 42 years (since 1978) in British mainstream television, where I mostly edited for national and local news. It sounds impressive, doesn't it? The programmes were intended to educate, inform or entertain. I would say it took around 35 years of being in the industry before I began to discern that to ‘educate’ was in fact to indoctrinate, and to ‘inform’ was to propagandize, and to ‘entertain’ was to diminish a man’s awareness, spiritually speaking. I worked, at times, concurrently in education teaching media (filmmaking) in 20 schools across five education authorities (in the UK). I was assigned to the ‘gifted and talented’ children and those who were educationally challenged. Some of what I saw being taught and rolled out in the classroom left me feeling dismayed. 


It was four years ago, when my life was changed (forever) - within a single moment! It was just like any other morning and I was showering in readiness for the day, when suddenly the room became filled with an overwhelming presence of forgiveness. I experienced such comforting (ministering) through a connection with something beyond my understanding. It made me cry for weeks afterwards. The tears I know now were a cleansing process. I could feel something spiritually dark was being drawn out from me. It was as though I’d been broken or fragmented for all of my life, but was now coming back together as a whole, new creation - clean and pure. That ‘old’ man in me with all his carnal filth and sinful ways was being purged, and I was experiencing a rebirth. I felt chosen, whole and deeply loved, something I’d never experienced before, ever! It was so beautiful!


Just like any born-again Christian, I was like a child and had a lot of learning to do. I found myself trawling through the internet searching for anyone I could talk to or who would understand. The local vicars showed little interest in my born-again experience, and another one I talked to doubted the existence of demons and spirits. And then I was led to shepherd Micah Bell. I visited his ministry in Euless, Dallas, and was baptised by Micah, Eliah and Abigail. I have remained adjointed to the KEY Ministries, where I’ve met wonderful brothers and sisters who are spirit-filled, and with a desire to love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.


RETIREMENT? Not a chance!

Last year, I left my job in television to begin a career in The Kingdom. My filmmaking has returned as both a hobby and as a teaching aid. The films I make today help me to further understand His word and are a celebration of the relationship I have through our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

Clint Crisp

A servant in Christ.

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