Teachings through Micah

FELLOWSHIP as revealed in the New Covenant is a key aspect of the Kingdom of God but few believers not only do not know what it really is, but also have not experienced its blessings.

Suffering has a very important purpose in a believer's life. Jesus had to suffer to fulfill His calling. So do we if we desire to go on to perfection.

Micah teaching about his calling and a Testimony of Joel, and newer brother in the Lord. SUNDAY 5/3/2020

Micah teaching about wounds of rejection and how they effect us. SUNDAY 1/12/2020


2020 will be a powerful year. It is time for warnings and the gathering of God's remnant. The apostasy is already taking place with many following "Another Jesus." 1/19/2020


The KEY Ministries Local Body gathering May 19, 2019. Several share and Micah talks about how God has established physical and spiritual laws that cannot be changed or broken.


The subject is about the Queen of Heaven who says no one sees her and no one takes her children from her. Satan seeks to pervert God into a mother god with worship of Mary and other female dieties.  May 12, 2019