Prophetic Words

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Words during Noon Time Prayer


Micah Bell: I see something rise up under our capitol…???...that's been capped up, but it's rising up and beginning to break through. And already there's a degree of shaking in Washington, D.C. But I see it and it's full of fire...the fire of God Who is a consuming fire. The fire of cleansing...the fire of destruction...the fire. Our God is a consuming fire. And so, I see this and I assume that that's the Lord about to move in an awesome way


Eliah Alvarez:  I was seeing faces. The faces that I was seeing were faces of wailing and gnashing of teeth. I saw great fear...great fear in those faces.


Micah Bell: I hear the Lord saying, the attention of this man. I'm going to get his attention, even like I did Nebuchadnezzar. I'm going to get his attention and he's going to know that I'm God. And yes, there's going to be great fear...great fear for this man.


Eliah Alvarez:  ...people have never believed what I can do, but they will see I can do all things. But I do it because I love them. I am a consuming fire. People will see that I am God for the things that will be coming forth.


Abigail Bell: I keep hearing just this, I will not share My glory. I will not give My glory to any man...for I am God and I will have My glory.


Eliah Alvarez: the fear will be in the walls that they call church when I come forth to do what I have to do. The shaking will be on those walls that they call church and the fear will be great with the people as they see and hear what I will do.


Micah Bell: I have not forgotten the words of dedication of this land by those who came here before. For those words spoke out and claimed this whole territory...this whole land for My sake. And therefore, I say to you fear not...for that which is Mine that has been spoken and dedicated, I will see...I will watch over...I will care for. And I will not allow Satanic powers to do what they're planning to do. I know their schemes and their devices. And I've taught many of them to you. So stand therefore, and do not be moved by what you see when I begin to do what I'm going to do. I've already told say, to watch and see what I'm going to do. And the day will come that you will rejoice and shout for joy at what I do. And what you see Me do for My glory and for My word and for My gospel and for the sacrifice of My Son who gave His life for such as you.


Abigail Bell: So I say, be not deceived and be not moved by the wrong voice. I say to be sure you're be sure you're where I want  you to be. To be sure, because when this shaking comes, you do not want to be out of My protection, My umbrella and My will. So I say again, don't be distracted by all the things around and other voices. Be not deceived, but be settled in Me.


Elizabeth Alvarez: hear, look up for My redemption draws night.


Eliah Alvarez: Understanding will begin to come to the people that hunger and thirst for understanding...that want to know what it is and how it'll come. The understanding that will be made known to them through others is the importance of being where I have you to be and where I want you to be that others can cling to you and you can cling to them...where there's no fear. But they'll be able to be ready and be available for those that I will bring them. Because people do not realize and understand the price that was paid. He paid a price that no man could pay. He gave of Himself. He gave of Himself that we can have a life that He wants us to have. The life that's not being lived...the life that's not being lived because they do not understand what was done. They will come to see more clearly the cross and what was done...that it's not their own will. They're not their own anymore. I gave My life that they might live.


Micah Bell:  Have I not said to you…because I don't do anything without letting My people know through the prophets, but now also through the prophetic word. So, I'm saying to you this day, these matters through the Holy Spirit who I said is to show you things to come that you might be aware and prepared and in a safe place when that comes...which is coming. So, I'm telling you because you are of Me and you sought Me and My desire is to keep you safe...keep you supplied...keep you secure for I have a purpose beyond that which is about to happen. So, fear not when the storm comes. But come away as My Word said and hide yourself for a little while until My indignation be passed. And certainly, I will deal with that leviathon that's in the sea of people. That prince of all pride...the king of all pride and power and thinks himself to be invincible...but he is not. And also, that woman, that queen...that ugly, ugly corrupted thing shall be brought down in its time. In its time, this will all fall. Fear not. Fear not. Fear not. I say again, fear not at what you see, but know that beyond that...look beyond and know that I have something for you beyond what you will see.


Eliah Alvarez: what I was seeing was, the banks are wide and there's full of water. But the water's not moving. "My word has not been able to move according to My will and My plan. But My word shall will bring forth the life. It will bring forth the hunger and thirst that My people have. It'll come to those who truly desire Me. But the water is not moving. But when the time comes, it will move to those who have faith and trust in Me. My word will come alive in them. My word will protect them. My word will guide them. My word will shelter them in the time to come.


Eliah Alvarez: So, come to Me and ask Me and I will show you. Ask Me whether fear may be still within your life? Ask Me? I will show you so we can deal with this fear that's still there that is to be taken care of that when the times do come, the fear will not be able to shake you. The fear will not be able to get you to run. The fear will not be there. So ask Me and I will show you where there's still fear that you may not have it when the time comes.


Micah Bell: What I'm going to do will not have anything to do with anything man has created. What He was saying was, there will be no need for any electronics, not even airplanes. And He spoke, not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit. My ministry goes forth through flesh. And I came in flesh to minister and I'm going to send you in flesh to minister. And you won't need airplanes. You won't need TV. You won't need anything like that that man has created. And what God's going to do that there's going to be an anointing on us, maybe the manifestation of the Sons of God. It's going to be awesome. Be ready. Because it's coming. It's coming and I think pretty soon


Eliah Alvarez:  Washington, you know, I went with it...meaning in the spirit. And it was almost like I was watching a television, but I wasn't watching the television, I was in the spirit. And I was watching it and that's when all of a sudden I started seeing walls started shaking and started cracking. But the walls that  I was seeing shaking and cracking were these buildings they call church. Because He said they're just buildings of prostitution. The buildings of prostitution shall shake. The buildings of prostitution shall come down. Then I saw myself standing on a bank. I could see the other side was a wide bank. And it was full of water. but the water was still. It was not moving. And that's when I saw...heard him saying, the water will flow to those who trust Me.  He's wanting to release the flow to those who will trust Him and believe Him. And in that flow, His word will do all that it says it's going to do to those who trust Him, have faith in Him. His provision is in the word. And if we look to the word, trust in the word, believe in the word and apply the word, it's going to give us the life that we're going to need in whatever time we're going to be in.  And then, when you started saying/talking about the situation at CBN and the Spirit of the Lord spoke to you about not by might, not by power, I was hearing so strong, Believe it. Believe Him. Believe Him. That's My word. Believe it because My word shall come forth. Heard it so strong. Things are going to really happen. This is real. If nothing's going to happen until 2024, well, you better not wait. You better be ready now. Now is our confession of Your will be done...that's why it came so strong.


Eliah Alvarez: I'm going to say it now, I was going to thank the Lord for the maturity that I'm hearing and seeing in His people. HE said that will increase. His maturity will increase in those who truly desire to live according to His plan and His word. And in that maturity, we'll see the simplicity of what that word is all about right there (pointing to the bible). The maturity is of those who have truly submitted and yielded to Him. He ain't going to show it to anybody.


David Vandervort: gold panners that have machine that carries the dirt...that sieves out all the dirt...sifting the dirt from the gold. That's like what is happening right now. And the people that think they're dirt, God's trying to show them that there's just an outer shell that's there and He wants to show them. Some people just don't want to see it. Or they just can't or won't. Keep saying, ripe for the picking.


Eliah Alvarez: His word. The power of His word...what His word is all about to those who believe. That was the biggest thing to me. It was so clear to me about that water that was so still. I saw so clearly and then He said, it will not move until His time because it's His word. But in His time when it moves, it's going to take care of His people. Whatever...whatever. Look at John 6:35: And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - Words during our Noon Prayer time:


Interpretation of Tongue given through Abigail Bell


Micah Bell: The crisis is coming that will bring you together. Bring you together.


Eliah Alvarez: what did you (Micah) say, He's going to bring us together. So when you said that it tied into what I saw. When we began praying in tongues, I heard Him saying, “He was calling us to come in because I've called you for My purpose." And what I saw, it was small...we were all going into like a fitting room. When I saw us going into that fitting room, it was drawing us close together. I heard Him saying, “He was calling us to come in for His purpose.” That tied into the word that you said. Cause us being together, the crisis is not going to affect us. And then later on in tongues, all of a sudden I saw it was black and it was getting ready to cover...cover the earth...cover us. but the closer it got to us, all of a sudden it got close to us and it started going back. It started going back. Then I heard that it was going back because of the light that's here. But I saw it going back.T he dream that I had...He is…when I was telling Elizabeth this morning, "This world is Mine." because it was so strong. “This world is Mine.”


Micah: and it's only part of the interpretations, is that the Lord is showing Me, He said,

“your biggest enemy when the time comes will be fear. Fear will open the door for other problems. Fear will hinder Me in blessing and caring for you. I come to you and say, get rid of your fear because it did not come by or from Me. But understand where it came from. And if you'll look to Me, I will deliver you. And you will be a fearless, completely, totally fearless people...always standing in awe of Me. And being aware of My presence and My care and My love for you. And being aware that I allowed you to be here at such a time as this.

And because I'm the one that planned the timing of your life, I'm here to provide everything you possibly would need in this time. Not only things that you would need, but beyond that. That which I have for you as a light in the a resource of deliverers and deliverers that shall come on Mt. Zion as Christ in the midst of a froward and dark people. So I say to you, fear not. Seek Me now to be fearless...My fearless people.”


Elizabeth Alvarez: I've told you before, I am Your shield and buckler. I'm Your strong tower. I'm Your protector. I am Your God. I am Your rear guard. Nothing will I withhold from you as you look to Me. Nothing.


Eliah Alvarez:  In the middle of the tongue that was coming forth from my sister Abigail and then I heard more coming from my brother Micah as he was saying the same thing that I was hearing but I was hearing it in a different way.  And here is what I was seeing and hearing, He was saying, "See Me. See Me as I see you. You can see Me as I see you. Let not the fear hold you back. Because the fear will hinder you from seeing Me as I see you. And as you do, know that I have laid up...I have laid up all that you're in need of. I have it already stored. It's stored up for you because I love you. So fear not and see Me as I see you. For I see you as My people ...My people of faith. Hold fast to the faith. Stand on the faith that you have within Me and Me in you and see Me. Let that arise. Let that arise and be strong. Let that arise and be who you are. That you can see Me because I can see you as Christ in you, the hope of glory that will bring forth  that that I have, not only for you, but for My people, My people here on this earth. That I not only brought to you, but I will continually bring you that they can begin to see Me as they see you.”


Abigail Bell: It is important that was said to see Me. But listen. You must hear Me. Hear My voice. For it is important to know the direction and the guidance. To be led of the light. So again, I say, be still and know Me and listen and see Me and be led of Me. 


Eliah Alvarez: what I was hearing when He said that I have stored up what you’re in need of…I have it stored up. I have it stored up and I will give it in the time of your need.


Elizabeth Alvarez: Him say that, “settle it in your heart today that you are going to trust Me. That you will put your trust in Me. Settle it in your heart today.


Word/Prayer through Micah Bell

We think He’s limited to the spiritual realm to that which is invisible and vaporous. But He’s not limited with anything. This creation is His. Every particle of the created earth is in His control. And He spoke it out of His own mouth. And it came into existence through His word. So there’s nothing, nothing that He can’t do. He fed them in the wilderness. He caused their garments and shoes not to wear out. He gave them to drink. He covered them during the day with shade. And gave fire at night for light. There was nothing those people needed that God didn’t provide. And so, He is very capable, He’s saying, to provide anything we need, even to food to put in our mouth. 

 So Lord, we put our trust in You for these days ahead when the crisis comes. That there’s nothing to fear. And Lord that we won’t wake up at night dreading or fearing anything. Take the dread out of us…the fear…the anxiousness…the nervousness…the painted lies that the enemy puts in our thought life…that we can take these thoughts captive knowing that their not from You and make them subject to the knowledge of Christ. And that they be vaporized and gone as they come. For we know that his devices to cause us to think fearful things…or to think things that will never come to pass…to think things of failure and trouble and problems, to think those things. Even think things of people doing or thinking about us that are not even true. That we come against that Lord. And paranoid stuff that the enemy uses…that we be a people free of any kind fear…any kind of negative thought about the future. For we know who holds the future and it’s You Lord. And we put ourselves in Your hands. For God, not only in Your hands, but You put us in Your heart.  And we thank you Father, for that. That You’re preparing us, Lord, to be able to stand and be the light and the rock of Your salvation in the days ahead, Lord. And we are the branches  of the vine that produce the clusters of fruit that are so awesome, Lord that others can feed off of the cluster of fruit that comes from us as the vine.


Word through Abigail Bell

And I was also hearing, again, I said see and listen for My voice. Don’t think that you listen to the news or something out there that’s going to let you know what I’m doing. I will let you know. And if I want you to listen to a certain person or someone to get something, I will move on you. So don’t trust what’s out there. Don’t trust that voice out there. Trust My voice and I will be speaking…so be listening.


Word through Eliah Alvarez: For My presence is with you. My Hand is upon you. Believe My word. Have faith in My word. And know that I will, and I have been and I will continually take care of you. For you’re Mine. You’re Mine. So rejoice. Rejoice and know that I’m not only with you, but My hand is upon you. Rejoice in the Lord. His presence is within us.


Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit