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Sunday, May 6, 2018


Word sung through Abigail Bell

More and more your blessings and your worship come to Me.  More and more I hear your heart lifted up to Me.  I am well pleased.  I am well pleased. I’m here with you.  More and more I hear your heart…your cry…your need.  More and more, you come to Me.  Watch and see what I will do in the midst of you.  I am well pleased.


Word through Micah Bell

Now listen.  Listen.  You can hear Me if you listen.

Look.  Look and see.  Look into My eyes.

Look and see how I look at you.

Look and see how I love you.

Look and see My hand upon you.

Look and see you’re very special.

Look and see what’s within you, but look and see

in My eyes and you’ll understand.


Interpretation through Micah Bell of Tongue given by Maria Lopez

Our heart is bursting for You, Lord.  My heart is crying out for You.  There’s never enough of You for me, Oh God.  Oh, fill me up this day, my Father.  Fill me up this day, My Lord.  Oh, my heart cries for You.  My heart is bursting for You.  Oh, Lord God, draw me unto You.  Let me see You.  Let me understand You more.  Let me know Your love for me more.  Oh, Lord God, I cry out this day.  Pour out upon me.  Pour out upon all of us this day, Lord.  For we are seeking You…wanting You…desiring You, oh Lord God.  And You put it in our hearts.  Fill us…fill us, we pray this day.


Word through Abigail Bell

Stop believing the lies that I don’t love you.  Stop believing that you can’t see Me or I’m not looking at you.  I’m speaking to you now.  Hear.  Hear this voice.  Hear the truth.  Hear the truth.  I’m speaking the truth to you now.  Not the lies.  Not that you’re unworthy.  Not that you can’t reach Me.  I’m here.  I’m in you. Stop believing the lies and believe the truth.  Listen to the voice that is My voice.  The voice of truth.  The voice that lifts you up.  The voice that exalts.  The voice that doesn’t condemn or bring guilt.  Listen to what I’ve been saying for weeks and months.  Listen because I want to move in this place.  I want to fill this place.  I want to shake this place.  You’re becoming more unified. I hear your heart.  I hear your heart.  So, stop believing the lies.  I love you.


Word through Brian Gamble

Who sets the foundation?  Who allows the authorities to rule?  Don’t look to the wisdom of man.  Don’t worry about the dogs barking on the hill.  Know that My hand is on everything.  Look to Me and in My eyes you will see that I love you.


Word through Abigail Bell

You hear the testimonies and you hear the praises from people who come from far and wide.  They come to seek Me.  They come to look for Me because they know there’s something here.  Something they can’t find any place else. They come from England.  They come from New Zealand.  They come from France.  They come from within the country…Canada…from all over.  And yet, don’t take for granted what you think you have here because this is your church.  This is an exhortation because there is becoming one as I said earlier.  And I’m going to move and do something here that will shake this building and shake the earth.  Because I’ve called you.  I’ve called you for a purpose and for now.  So, don’t take for granted…people watching on streaming can’t be here.  People are wanting to come.  They call, “do you know if there is anything in Florida?  Is there anything in Illinois?” …because of what I’ve brought forth here and you’re letting build up and come forth.  So, I say to you…anyone who is complacent…anyone who can’t come forth…look at what you have here.  There are others that want to be here and can’t make it yet.  So, don’t take for granted what I’ve blessed with here in this body.  From Micah on down to all of us, know what we have…know what God is doing…He is moving mightily, and we may be hidden right now, but there is a time and there is a day and there is a place that I’m going to move.  So, I say be prepared.  Get rid of the fear.  And come forth and know that I want you to see through My eyes and how I see you because you’re precious in My sight.  And I love you.  So, again I say, take not for granted what is so easily before you that others are seeking mightily. 


Blessing for the Week

The blessing this week is I bless you this week to get it.  Get it.  Get it that you’re loved…forgiven and that He wants…He has a crown laid up for you.  Get it.  Amen


Lord…bless everyone here (and streaming) that they get it of what You’ve been saying to them.  And that we get free of our fear.  And we know Your love.  Amen. Agree


Sunday, October 1, 2017


Interpretation through Ricardo Urias of tongue given by Eliah Alvarez

Be at peace My people. Be at ease.  Let the thoughts of the world just fall to the ground and be at peace.  And let the Spirit of the Lord move in us…each and every one of us.  Let the Spirit of the Lord…let the Spirit of the Lord in…into your hearts.  And not in your minds, My people, into your hearts so that you can feel the Spirit of the Lord move in you. For the mind…all it does is confuse you…confusion.  So, open up your eyes and ears and hear the Lord and what He has for you. 


Eliah Alvarez seeing in the Spirit

…as He says, He says to us all…” I don’t care where you are.  How deep it may feel to you.  Look up.  Again, He says, look up.  And look to Me and know that I want to be your God.  I want to be the One that’ll not only lead you…give you the direction…but I want to be the God…the One that will bring forth My healing…that will bring forth My deliverance and direction to you in all things.  So, look up to Me.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your walk…always look up to Me for there’s more that I want to show you.  There’s more that I will show you.  There’s things that I’ve already showed you.  You don’t remember.  You haven’t seen it.  So, ask me that I may reveal them to you again that you may see what I have for you and how much I love you.   For I want to be your God.  For I am…again I am and with Me all things are possible.” 


Word through Brian Gamble

Look, listen.  Recognize those things that God has for you because He is a good Father.


Eliah Alvarez saw during the Tongue

Like down in a volcano and the fire is hot.  And you look up because there’s an opening.  And I looked up and He was saying, “Look to Me.  Look to Me and look to Me for everything.  Look to Me for I am God and I will provide.  I will get you through it.” 



Sunday August 27, 2017


Word through Micah Bell

Given at the Sat Men’s Breakfast (8.26.17)

I want you to receive My love.  I want you to know how much I love you.  And, so, the pleasure that I have is when you accept My love…when you let Me love you…because I do.


Interpretation through Song given by Abigail Bell

My love is here.  My love is here.  And I am here.  I am near.  I am near…just reach it’s not that far.  Come to Me.  Come to Me and let it go.  Let the fear leave your heart.  Tell it so and I will be all you need.  Arise…arise…arise today.  Come and meet Me in the highest place there is.  Reach up.  Reach up.  I am here.


Vision from Eliah Alvarez

Seeing in the spirit during song/tongue from Abigail Bell

The illustration I want you to show you first…I want you to see a pie…a scrumptious, delicious looking pie.  You’re looking at it and you say, “I can only have one piece.”  He says to you, “yes…yes you can have two.  Receive from Me.  Believe in Me that you may begin to be filled in the areas that you’re in need of this day.  My healing is here.  My healing will bring you forth into what I have for you this day.


But it will not only be for this day, but it will carry you on in each day that I give you.  So, receive from Me.  Receive from Me that portion that I have for you.  You need two – take it.  I want you to have it because I want you to know that I love you.  You will be fulfilled in the areas that you’re in need of.  I will make that known to you today in other ways and other people will say it to you of My love for you this day. 


Receive from Me…for as it says, “taste and see that the Lord is good.”  I have nothing against you.  I love you.  You’ve been forgiven.  Partake and know…partake and know that I love you that you may be healed today in those areas that are still hidden…that are hurting.  I want you to know that I see them and I want to heal them by you receiving My love. 


Word through Jedidiah

The word I’m getting to go with that is worthy.  There are those that still don’t think they are worthy…so stop resisting God and accept His goodness.  Allow Him to work in you and through you…worthy!


Sunday, August 6, 2017


Word through William Linton

Rise up.  Rise up My people.  Don’t let this word put fear in you.  Rise up in confidence.  Walk forth in faith.   Let your spiritman rise up.  This is for your faith.  This is to show Myself to the nations.  But rise up and be confident. 


Word through Ricardo Urias

I give you the responsibility, My people…My believers…My chosen.  I give you the responsibility to bring those people that are still lost in the dark and turned away from the light.  I give you that responsibility to bring them forth to the light.  For the days draw near of your mighty God’s wrath.  The days draw near.  So, bring the people that are lost.  It is your responsibility.  I give it to you.  For you are My people and I lead you there.  Lead them to the light.  Bring them out of the dark.


Word through Micah Bell

Yes, the Lord says, let them be warned, as you are warned.  Hold not back any longer.  But let them be warned that I’m soon to do great and mighty things upon the earth.  Men’s hearts will fail because of what they see.  There shall be great shakings, even as I’ve said, for My word stands true.  My word that was brought forth by My prophets of old and even My prophets of today.  Know this.  Know this.  Know this and understand this.  The words that have fallen upon your ears this day…shall they fall to the ground or shall they be received in good ground? 


Yeah, I say unto thee, this day, My people, My people…I’m letting you know even as I promised.   And I say to you…I commission you…I call you…I command you to warn…to warn others.  And fear not…fear not…be not ashamed, but speak My word…speak My warnings to the people.


Word through Eliah Alvarez

I see where some stand.  They stand and they’re looking out and what they’re looking out to is they see the light.  Come forth.  Come out.  I am faithful to My word and I will protect you.  Fear not, but come out.  The surroundings that’s around you and around My people will be no more.  Have faith in Me.  Trust Me.  Come forth as you see the light.  Know that I’m in the light for I am the Light.   And I want to bring forth to you and make known to you even more as you come to Me.  Come out of the surroundings.  Come into Me and let Me be your God.


Word through Carla Bryan

I am a jealous God.  Serve no other, but Me.  I am the I AM.  Serve no other, but Me.  I am a jealous God.


Word through Elizabeth Alvarez

I’ve invested a lot in you.  I’ve given you My word.  I’ve trained you for the warfare.  I’ve trained you for the days ahead.  Don’t bury it in the ground…those things you’ve heard…those things you’ve learned.  They’re not for you to bury in your ground.  They’re for you to give out to impart to others.  There’s a hurting world and I give you that commission to go forth.


Micah:  What we’re warning people about is not something original God has given us…He’s telling us to warn things that are already been prophesized in His word.  Not fresh revelation.  All God is saying is after all these hundreds of years and even a few thousand years…now is the time for this to come to pass.  So, speak it forth.  Warn people.  God’s word does not fail.  God’s prophets are not liars.  And so, the time has come for this to come.  And that’s why you’re alive and God chose us to be alive at this time because He knew and had plans for us to be used at this time.   And that’s why we’re here.


That we learn to trust Him…that we learn to trust Him.  He’s preparing us to be used mightily of the Lord…mightily of the Lord.  So be confident in that…what you know…what you’ve been given.  You’ve been chosen for that.  There are others…little groups in other places.


Blessing for the Week

Be blessed this week with the courage and strength with the opportunity to warn somebody.  Just say, listen the Lord is telling us to get ready.  The Lord’s telling us that there’s going to be awesome things and it’s going to be before this year’s out.  So, be blessed this week with courage…courage and confidence and give it all to Him. Give it all to Him.  Quit worrying.


And be blessed this week with love…with agape love.  Without forgiveness, it’s impossible to have agape love.  Because the way God was able to love us is to forgive us.  And Jesus came to make the way that God the Father could love us with agape love.  So just be anointed in love.  Peace.



SUNDAY JULY 30, 2017


Word through William Linton

In the peace…in the quietness…in the stillness, you’ll find your strength.


Word through Eliah Alvarez

Come out of your house and praise Me.  

Come out of your house that we may enjoy.  

Come out of your house and know that I am Your God.

Yes, come out of your house and know that with Me all things are possible.

Come out of your house and praise Me…for I am Your Lord and I will guide you and I will show you.

Come out of your house and trust Me.

Come out of your house and trust Me.


Word through Lloyd Bryan

I stand among you My people, but all I hear is silence.  All I see is sealed lips…doubt…uncertainty,

even disbelief.  Come out of your shell, My people.  Come forth…open your mouths.  Sing unto Me.  Sing Me a new song.  Lift your voices, My people.  I am here.  I am here for you.  Whatever it is you seek, I have it to bestow, but you need to come out.  You need to come out.  As I said, call unto Me, Abba Father.  Call unto Me and sing hallelujah.  I need to hear you, My people.


Interpretation of and Tongue given through William Linton

I love you.  I have a fervent love for you.  And I am separating your joints and marrow.  I am doing it.  I am feeling out your nerves and I am healing your nerves that you can feel again…that you can release again.  That You can flow as a full body.   That you can be functional…completely functional…that things are attached the way they should be…the natural order…the order that I’ve created 


Word through Eliah Alvarez

Be at peace My people. Be at peace.  Relax.  Relax.  Know My presence.  Know My peace.  There is nothing here to fear.  Fear not My people.  For I call you different.  You are different because you are a people that cry out to hear My voice…that want to hear My voice.  But not only do you want to hear My voice, but you want to obey My voice.  You are different, My people.  Never, never has there been a people who truly wanted to seek Me diligently…who truly wanted to obey Me…who truly wanted to listen to the things I have to say and the things I have to show.  


People, be at peace.  Fear not.  Know that I have shown you and know that I have given you…know that I have even revealed to you many of the mysteries that yet have people not known…that people will not know, because I trust you.   You’re different…so relax…be at peace and know that I love you.  Know that I trust you.  Know that I have found you faithful because you are a people who do choose to seek Me…to listen to Me, but to obey My word.  Continually…continually My people, stand before Me.  Hold all things before Me and watch and see and know that I am God.  Not only do I love you, but I will protect you and bring those things to you that you’re in need of.   


Even at this moment right now, the things that are trying to depress you…the things that are trying to bring fear to you…give them to Me.  Let Me and Me alone take care of them and deal with them because I love you and I want My peace to be with you.   I’m not speaking of the peace of this world…I have overcome this world.  The peace I have is My presence.  My presence is with you right now My people.  Again, never has there really been a people that are different.  Different in what way?  Different, again, to want to not only listen, but to obey Me and to obey My voice.


Word through Elizabeth Alvarez

Yes, My people, trust Me.  Trust Me.  I’m calling you to trust Me.  Have I not said in My word that you’re to take My yoke upon you and learn of Me for I’m meek and lowly in heart?  Cast all your cares on Me, for I care for you.  Have I not promised you that I would take care of you?   Have I not promised you provision?   Have I not promised you peace?   Have I not promised you to pour out My love on you?  My word has never failed.  My word will never fail.  Trust Me.  Trust Me.  Call on Me.  Trust Me.  I know every situation that’s going on in your life and I am the Answer.  As you trust Me…look to Me.  No good thing will I withhold from those who walk uprightly.


Word from Lord through Micah Bell


Spiritual Vertigo

The Lord is telling me that we have spiritual vertigo.  Reason going through what we’re going through.

As a pilot, learn to trust your instruments and not your feelings/emotions.   


John 8:31-38

Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. 32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

(So, the word is our instrument that we fly by, not how we feel…not by our mood swings… not by our fears…not by our lusts, but by the word.  That’s our instrument. I believe the panel not what I’m feeling or what somebody here says.  But I believe what this word says. Otherwise, I’m deceived.  This is the way the enemy works us.  He gets us to focus on something other than the instrument panel (bible).  And we get into trouble.  We start feeling things.  We can’t blame the devil.  We have authority over him.  We deal with the devil.  We confront. We bind him.  We cast him out.   We trust the instrument panel (bible) and not our feelings.

33 They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How can You say, ‘You will be made free’?”   

(Every one of us is personally accountable to come to God.  I am accountable personally before the throne of God.)

34 Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. 

(Doesn’t matter where you came from, doesn’t matter your heritage…you’re still accountable for sin.  I’m saved because I come to the point where I bring my accountability before God and say, God I’m a sinner and I need help.)

35 And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. 36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

37 “I know that you are Abraham’s descendants, but you seek to kill Me, because My word has no place in you. 

(Jesus taught about the soils.  The seed is the word of God and there are soils that My word just won’t take place there.  We believe something other than the instrument panel.  And this instrument panel (bible) will not fail us if we’ll trust it.  It’ll get us through the clouds.  It’ll get us through the storms.  Tell us if we’re off course. That’s what this word is like an instrument panel in an airplane.  And we don’t have auto pilot.”

38 I speak what I have seen with My Father, and you do what you have seen with[a] your father.”

Lord spoke to me this morning.  He wants me to try to impart this to you.  You’ll know the truth…the reality and that and that alone will make you free.  

Go to Hebrews 11:5-6

5 By faith Enoch was translated so that he did not see death, “and was not found, because God had translated him”; [a] for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. 6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

How do I please God?   Fly by the instrument panel.  We fly by His word.  

How do we seek God?  Diligently…constantly…always.  So, in seeking God…where is God?  He’s in reality.  He’s in truth.  He’s not words on a page.  He’s real.  We must believe that He is.  He is…not was.  Not will be.  But is!  Right now.  Today.  This is the day of salvation!  

So, what the Lord showed me He does with us…the enemy comes and he shifts our focus.  He shifts us off course by looking at something other than the instrument panel (bible).  He shifts us with fear.  He shifts us with lust that draws us.  Our focus…the moment.  We don’t have tomorrow brethren.  The diligent seekers live in the moment.  How do you walk in the spirit?  Only in the moment…only in the moment.  How do I seek Him?  With the truth…the reality.  Let’s see the reality in the spirit of what’s going on.

There are three things we can use to judge where we are.  1)  Do I feel joy (deep down inside)? 2) Do I really have peace?  and 3) Am I able to love?

Read the instrument panel (bible) to see where off course.  What’s going on?  And this (bible) will tell you.  And the more you know it, the more accurate.  God wants to bring us to auto-pilot…to where it just becomes natural to walk this walk.  Know where it is?   It’s the highest altitude that you can fly.  And finally, you get above the storms.  God says come on up here (to higher ground).  

So, you’ll know the truth…the reality.  The reality is that a demonic power is in my life and does not like me.    You can’t sit here week after week and receive the word…receive the word…receive the word and never give out.  You become a dead sea.  But we want to be a releaser.  Give and it shall be given unto you.  And the more you release…even though it may be hesitant…it may not be right on…but the more you release, you’re going to lose something in you for the life to flow.  And you can’t just receive life…and receive life…you’ve got to let it flow.  It’s got to flow through us and not just into us.  It’s got to flow through us.  We’ve got to let it out.  And when we don’t let it flow through us, then we start getting bogged down and we lose our altitude.  And the next thing we know, we’re on the ground.  It’s got to flow through us.  Let it flow through you.  Let it go.


Prayer through Micah Bell (body repeat after)

Father in the name of Jesus, I come before You this day, to receive from You through the Holy Spirit a keener awareness, a reality in Jesus name that I can know the truth and I know that it will make me free.  So, I call upon You this day to bless me with an anointing to see in the spirit…to discern spirits…to see the reality moment by moment…to live in the moment and not be pulled away by what the future has or what the past was…but You are the I AM and that I want to be the I am and see in the spirit…discern that I might not only protect myself, but help others that are being attacked, oppressed, imprisoned.  Lord, I call on You to let me open prison doors…set captives free, in Jesus name.  

And so, this morning Father, anoint me now.  Anoint me now with Your anointing that I can see in the spirit and walk in the spirit and like Enoch please You and be Your son and daughter, in Jesus name.

Now in the name of Jesus, I command every unclean spirit that’s working against me right now to go and if you have any legal rights, I bind you and I will discover through the light of God what grounds you have and you will be totally defeated and run out of my life to never come back, in Jesus name.

Now all of you go.  Spirits affecting my emotions…my thought life…my body…my possessions…my family, you go.  Get out of my finances and go now, in Jesus name.  

And we thank You Lord.  Thank You Lord.  Thank You Lord.  Thank You Lord.  We come with thanksgiving Lord to see…to receive from You deliverance and healing, in Jesus name. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Word through Micah Bell

The word of the Lord is coming to me and saying again, let go.  Let go.  Let go of your expectations.  Let go of your plans.  Let go and let Me.  Let go…for your mind has told you things that are not of Me.  There are other voices that have told you things that are not true…they’re not of Me.  Let go of the lies.  And even though you’re believing lies that you don’t know are lies, but you must let go that the truth may come…the truth for My plans for you.  The truth of who you really are.  Who are you?  I know.  Let go and let Me show you who you are.  Who I made you to be and called you to be. 


Let go this day.  Let go.  Let go of the control.  Let go of those things that you want to be sure about and control lest fear over take you.  Let go.  Let go of your fears.  Let go of your expectations and let Me give you My vision…My vision for you and for My church and My people. 


I say, let go this day because you’re trying to control.  You’re trying to make it what you think it ought to be.  And I say this day, yes…yes…yes there is a measure of truth.  But let go this day. 


Word through Ricardo Urias

For if it’s not inspired by God, then it is not of God.  And I give you these words.  I give these words so that you may use them wisely.  Speak from your heart, not your mind.  For the gifts I’ve placed upon you people…you are My people and I give you these gifts.  Receive them.  Receive the gifts that I give you and share with the body.  That is the whole purpose.  That is the whole truth.  You have it in you, now let it go.  Receive it, use it wisely and give it to My flock. 


Word through William Linton

You don’t understand it now…I will reveal it.  Just wait.  Be patient and you’ll see what happens.  Just like Daniel with the angel who was trying to visit him.  There’s something else going on.  I will reveal it.  Just wait.


Word through Brian Gamble

Let go and have faith that I will do what I’ve said I will do.  Trust…knowing that if you let go, the things of Me will come forth and I will breathe life into it.  And for any that are lacking in faith, ask Me and I will give it to you.


Word through Sarah Perrine

Think it not strange when you go through sufferings and tribulations.  You’ve asked Me to change you and that’s My method to do it.  It’s going to be hard on your flesh, but your flesh has to die.  It’s not going to be unto death, but it will be to the death of the flesh so that My spirit can come forth more in you.  So, embrace it…don’t resist Me.  Don’t reach out to the arm of the flesh.  Don’t seek the ways of man, but look to Me.  I will sustain you.  I am answering your prayer to be purified.  And you will be purified and you will glorify Me. 


Word through William Linton

Life is in the spirit.  Life is not in the soul.  Draw from the spirit.


Word through Abigail Bell

Last week I gave you a word and I said, “do I need to speak to you in tongues? Need I speak to you in another language?  Need I speak to you in a way that must be interpreted?  But can I not speak to you directly and plainly?  Can you not hear Me?  So, this morning, I want to speak through each and every one of you plainly and clearly so that you can hear what it is I have to say.


So, fear not, I want to rumble in your belly.  I want to come up and out through your mouth.  I want to speak and encourage and uplift each and every one.  So, no one is insignificant…not to the youth…not to the elders.  I want to speak through each and every one.  Will you let Me come forth through you? 


Word through Brian Gamble

Let go so that I may knit.  Let go so that I may form one body. 


Word through Lloyd Bryan

And know that as you stand before Me, that whatever are your afflictions, whatever are the “isms and the schisms” of your life, I am your Provider.  I am your Healer.  But know this, I am the Great I AM.


Word through Abigail Bell

This is what I hear the Lord say, “that I have words that I want to bring forth to edify My people.  But you’re not letting it come forth and then you’ll leave and regret that you didn’t open up.  I have words that I want to speak that will minister to you and others.  Please, I’m asking you, open your mouth and say what I want to say through you.”


Word through Naomi Graham

I have new things in store for you.  I have great blessings in your future.


Interpretation through Carla Bryan of Tongue given Through William Linton

As the sword of the garden become active, as the cherubim’s make preparation, as the angels ride, My time is at hand.  My time is at hand.  My time is at hand.


Word through Samuel (young visitor)

We will all fight for the weak.


Word through Melanie Gamble

Bring the precious out of the vile and see the great power within you.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Micah:   How can I convince you of the importance of worship?  If you can’t worship and praise to the fullest, you have got bitterness in your heart.  I don’t have to have discernment, I know what keeps people from this.  And the bitterness is ultimately towards God.  I block God with my bitterness and stuff.


That we hunger and thirst.  God draw us…draw us into Your presence.  Draw us.  Draw me.


Interpretation through Micah Bell of Tongue Given by Eliah Alvarez


Do you think I’m deaf?  Do you think I’m blind that I cannot see?  Do you not know that My eyes roam to and fro throughout the whole earth seeking those whose heart…whose hearts are toward Me?  When you turn your heart toward Me, do you think I not listen?  Do you think I don’t see?  Do you think I don’t even feel?  Do you not know Me?  Do you not understand that I’m coming to reveal Myself to you as My people?  You wonder and stumble.  Some of you have even fallen.  Why don’t you know Me?  Why do you fear?  Why do you fret?  Why do you worry?  Know that as you come…as you come this morning, I receive your worship.  I accept your praise.


But I want you to know Me.  Seek Me and you will find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.  But you go astray.  You let the distractions…the other concerns pull you away and you look upon the wrong things and you make them your gods because you think they rule you…control you, but they do not.   But as you seek Me and worship Me, I will draw you even as you sung to Me this morning.  I will draw you unto Me.  And there you will find rest and there you will find peace.  You will find protection.  You will find provision.  You will find everything you need and even more because I love you.


Blessing for the week


Go with this word...the word is confidence. Confidence.  I bless you this week with confidence.  Confidence that God will not…cannot fail you.  Confidence that God hears you.  God sees you.   God loves you, but go with confidence that you’re loved.  And that everything is going to be alright because of God.  Not because of your failures or your exploits or anything…but because of God.  He’s chosen you…that’s why you’re sitting in this room today.  


So, I bless you this day and from this day forward, not just this week, with confidence.  The peace of confidence.  Amen   All things work together for good and everything’s going to be alright.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

(Here are most of the words from this gathering as transcribed by Abigail. There was a strong presence of the Holy Spirit.)

Revelation through Ricardo Urias (04/25/17)

This revelation came forth from last Sunday April 23, 2017 from hugging my brother William after we had lunch. I was feeling heaviness in my chest like I was having an anxiety attack, but once we hugged and said I love you, bam!  Here came the peace I was seeking. Whatever was attacking me fled right at that moment. It was as though whatever was coming against me at that time couldn’t handle that true and perfect love between two brothers. I didn’t realize it until I got into my car that I felt so at peace. Praise God for allowing this to happen for it brought forth what I am about to share with the Body today.


Unbalanced Love to Perfect Love

We as a body of Christ are to love one another as our Lord Jesus commands us to. This means that we love one another equally from the weakest to the strongest.  This will bring balance and unity which will then create the love in this body our Father’s looking for. The Father God’s been waiting patiently for us to get this right.  Now to accomplish this, it will take each individual to love each one equally and equally receive love in return. Let me say that again because it’s very important.   To accomplish this, it’s going to take each individual of this body to love each one equally and equally receive love in return.  It might sound hard to you, but I know without a doubt after this experience…I know without a doubt that’s what God’s after. And it’s going to be done.  When this occurs (this is the one that kind of floored me) …when this occurs…that is the Remnant!  That is the remnant!


And further to say, God showed me a vision at the same time…that is when there will be miracles…miracles right in front of our eyes, like instant healing, instant deliverance and most important of all…the most important thing of all… a much stronger relationship with our Father…our Father God through Christ Jesus.     For we…we will become whole as the body of Christ.


It’s like that well-oiled machine Father God was speaking of a few Sunday’s ago. All the parts of this body working together for the glory of our Father God.  And God referred me back to it.  The well-oiled machine of course is the body of Christ. But without the oil this machine cannot function. For example, the flesh cannot exist without blood (that’s the flesh…it cannot exist without blood) and in the Spirit the body of Christ cannot exist without love. So, flesh cannot exist without blood, but in the spirit, the body cannot exist without love.

For love is the blood of the body of Christ.  Amen…


Dream from Joseph Roosevelt

The dream seems a bit rough and hard core.  The dream was:  I was in the foyer (of the church) and this room (auditorium) was packed out with people.  You couldn’t even get in here.  And there was a lady in a wheelchair out there with me.  She was a black lady and she wanted to get in here so bad.  And what was going on in here, was everybody was using heroin…everybody was getting high.  And I was trying to talk her out of getting in here and not doing that.  But she ended up…somehow it got out there in the foyer and she ended up using.  And so did I.  I got sucked into it too. 


A long time ago, the Lord showed me that heroin is…in the world, it’s like the worst thing you can get ahold of.  It makes you believe you’re something that you’re not.  It makes you feel like you’re bullet proof and 10 feet tall…when all the time it’s killing you. 


So, the heroin of the church is religion.  I wanted to open that up to you and see what anybody has to say…any input or interpretation of the dream. 


Eliah:  Reference to Joseph’s dream.  Briefly sharing what God is doing in his life.


“To come to know how much the Father loves you…Because if the Father loves you, He’s not only going to chasten you, but in His chastening, He’s going to correct you.”


“The Holy Spirit was showing me how much God, My Lord, is wanting to work and is working as I just stay out of His way and just believe. With this happening, He tells me, He is delivering me of religious spirits and religious pride.  With me staying out of the way and me believing that He loves me, what’s happening He is delivering me of religious spirits and religious pride.  


So, I wanted to bring that forth because it touched…it touches on the area about love as you (Ricardo) talked about…there’s only one love.  And then it touches on the area that dream – his (Joseph) interpretation – about religion.  Religion is deadly.  It’s a crippling.  I thank Him again for His long suffering with me and His mercy with me.  I want to walk upright and righteous before His eyes.


Micah:  The only time I heard Jesus really judging somebody…another person…was the Pharisees.  And what did He judge them for?   For their religious performance.  Jesus was criticizing and judging.  How can we get completely purged of religion?  Because it’s dead…it’s dead works.  Flowing in the flesh and not in the spirit.  Not to care about what men think about what I do, but what does God think?  What does my Father want?  And He wants excellence.  He wants integrity.  He wants honesty and above all He wants love.


And we heard the word…what’s God after here in any body of Christ?  That we love one another and as brother (Ricardo) said…equally.  Agape love is the heart…to see one another’s heart.  God looks at the heart.  Man looks at outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. 


Brian:  heard one word…addiction…quick fix.  It’s people that are…are you looking for a quick fix?  A quick hit to get over your disease…to get over what you’re looking for or do you want to truly be healed to go deeper and to grow in your relationship.  That’s what you have to decide where you want to be because you can keep chasing that high and you’re never going to get it again.


Micah:   suppose the power of heroin, just like Joseph related…suppose that love is God’s heroin.  Suppose, I’ll say it again, that love…agape love is God’s heroin.  That when you get with that you feel like you’re 10 feet tall.  You feel like you can do anything because faith is stirring in you.  So maybe the Lord’s saying something else here…that heroin is a fix that we all need and get addicted to and live that lifestyle of agape heroin.  Because when we feel that love we try to get when we worship and praise Him…it just lifts you up.  Everything fades away.  Trouble…troubles just fall by the wayside.  All the things that when you know He loves you and that somebody else really…really loves you…you could do anything.  The motivation…the empowering of this love…this agape love that goes beyond the flesh and leads you into the spirit where the spirit energizes this flesh.  God put us in flesh for a purpose.  The flesh is not evil.  The flesh is not bad.  God loves us in the flesh that we be sanctified body, soul, and spirit.  Not just spirit…not just soul…but body, soul, and spirit…that be sanctified and set apart unto the Lord.  And then we can do anything. 


Song sung through Abigail Bell   

Many, many, many words I give you.  Many, many, many words I share with you.  Many, many words but you need to hear.  You need to listen and receive.  Hear what I’ve said today.  Hear what I give today because I love you…because your Mine…because I’ve called you.  Will you listen?  Will you hear?  Will you receive?  Will you come forth and be what I have called you to be?  Many, many words I have spoken.  You write them down and read them, but do you hear?


Blessing for the week

So, in the name of the Father, through the Lord Jesus Christ, I bless you this week with overwhelming love.  With a (as the world would say), a high of love.  That you walk in a different realm.  Thank you walk with this sense of love that you can’t contain it.  That you give it away.  That you extend it.  That you’re invincible in that you can’t be hurt because love…love…love is a protector.  Love is a shield.  Love is a strength.  Love is a power.  Love is healing.  Love is deliverance.  But above all, love…love is worship and life. 


Continued after the blessing:


Prayer for Ricardo Urias

Brian Gamble:  Micah, when you were worshipping, what I felt was coming to me that you should anoint Ricardo’s right hand…his numbness.  And I think part of the reason there’s a numbness is because Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father and Jesus is love.


Micah Bell:  Amen.  Yeah, I’ll do that.   Jesus, I rebuke any swelling or nerve problems, in Jesus name…you leave this hand.  Leave…you’re not going to hinder our brother and his right hand of love and service, in Jesus name.  Thank You Lord for Your healing.  Be healed in Jesus name.


Lloyd Bryan:  what I heard was for the brotherhood to assemble and each and every one of us lay a hand on your right shoulder because something in addition is trying to impede your walk.  If the brotherhood would come forward…


Abigail Bell:  when you’re doing that…way before what I saw was…kept getting his right hand…his arm and I kept seeing it pointing.  And I was trying to see how? Just saw his arm raised and pointing out.


Lloyd Bryan:  Father, as we stand here today, we ask You to let Your strength flow through us to this Your servant.  Father, we all know the devil is a liar.  So, as we stand here, we stand as one.  We stand as a bulwark towards the work that the devil may try to put into this brother.  But we say no.  You’re a liar.  You will not and cannot enter into this which is of God.  Always was and always will be.  Amen.


Brian Gamble:   when I was walking up when you (Abigail) were doing this (raising arm) with the arm, the word that came to me was rigor mortis…just like stiff.  That’s the word that I got.  Maybe something needs to die?


William Linton:  it’s on the shoulder, maybe it’s a false burden.


Micah:  The Lord will show…that’s all I can say.  There’s something maybe that’s gripping him that doesn’t want to let go.  It’s being held in place…the death grip…we break that hold off of you brother from your right hand…your arm of strength (Ricardo is right handed) …that arm of strength, we break it.  We break your hold on him.  Any unclean spirit…demon spirit…loose him.  In Jesus name, loose him and go.  In Jesus name, you’ll not hold him from anything of the past or anything, in Jesus name…in ministry or anything else, in Jesus name.  Go…we lose him from that influence, in Jesus name.


Eliah Alvarez:  as you said that, I was seeing brother that what’s coming against…you’ve turned a corner.  I saw that you’ve turned a corner in your path.  And there’s some things of the past that don’t want you to make that turn.  But you have turned and there is a resistance.  But you’ve turned…you’re on your way.


Word through Micah


Well, all you guys came up…brothers…what I saw was…was when Jesus told the men to throw out the net one more time and they pulled in this catch of fish…and the Lord said, I’m going to make you to be like a net, but let not there be any holes in the net…because I‘m going to throw out the net and I’m going to pull in one more catch, but let not there be any holes in the net…that nothing get away this time.  Amen?  Amen.  That’s what I saw clearly in the spirit.


Just like before Jesus was ascended, He went to the shore and the guys threw out the net.  We fished all night.  We fished all night and here we are, but the Lord is saying, okay…throw out the net one more time.  And He’s going to bring in these last days, a catch.  Amen?  Amen   That’s what I see.


So, Father, we throw out that net, now, and You’ll tell us as we begin to pull it in, Father, those that You would gather together.  And that there’ll be no holes in the net…because a fish will always look for a hole.  And that hole is somebody that’s not in agreement.  And there’s people that will come and they’ll be able to spot those that aren’t in agreement.  They’ll go straight to them and try to get them to get in agreement and bring division…to sow discord.  So, the hole in the net is…can be one person…somebody with rebellion, and so forth are attracted to…so let the net have no holes. Amen


We got to get in agreement.  And even though we don’t understand it and so forth, that doesn’t mean everybody’s a yes person…but if I disagree with something, then I don’t harbor that disagreement…I go and mend the net and sit down and let us sit down together and seek the wisdom and the truth of the Lord. 


And if something don’t agree with, don’t harbor that…just say let’s sit down and let us reason together for the truth.  Because there’s only one truth.  There’s only one reality.  There’s not two or three different realities and truths.  There’s only one Spirit…one God…one Creator.  There’s only One.  There’s only One.  And so, if one of us is not in it, then they can’t be of us.  So, we’ve got to come together and seek the truth together.  That’s our heart.  And the truth always ends up in love.  So, love…love just dissolves all disagreement.  Love dissolves all error.  Love just comes to the truth.  What matters is that we love one another.  And nothing shall separate us, not only from the love of God, but from one another.  Amen



Sunday, April 9, 2017

Revelation: Within The Body (from Ricardo Urias)


Breaking of Trust – When we are deceived within the body… it breaks us down and everyone is affected. Our trust is broken and deception takes root. This brings doubt and confusion amongst the body causing us to stumble. This I truly believe is what this body is going through.  This is why we are tracking in the dirt into our sanctuary that our brother Daniel was telling us about. The dirt represents the uncleanness of the broken trust, the doubt and the weakened faith. All this leads to…

Spiritual Gridlock – We should be like a well- oiled machine. All parts of the body working together for the glory of our Father God as one mind and of one spirit so that we may overcome this spiritual gridlock. This will bring forth…

Spiritual Restitution – for the trust we have lost through deception. Our trust in each other has to be as strong and pure as it ever will be. There is a heavy battle in the spiritual realm at this time. The ones involved in these matters are trying to divide us. Trying to rob and steal our joy, our peace and our trust and faith. So we need to rise up against All powers that are against us so that restitution will be brought forth in the name of Jesus. Amen?


Anointing by Micah Bell of Ricardo Urias as an Elder

I anoint you as an elder 

…because of your care for the flock…

    …because of your heart that God’s given you for all of us.  

        …Because of the trust that He would put in you to watch over the flock of God.  

            …Because of the prophetic spirit He’s given in you to see in the spirit.

But above all else…because the Lord said so. 

I lay hands on you my brother as an elder in this body to serve…to serve this flock, in Jesus name.  You be blessed and anointed to go beyond anything we would ask or think for your care and love and ministry here, in Jesus name.  Not only to us, but those God sends and to the body of Christ, I pray in Jesus name.

God grant you wisdom, but most of all love…love Lord…that his ministry will be love…that his hands will feel love…his voice will speak love…his actions will reveal love, Father.  And I thank You for that Father, in Jesus name.  Make it so Lord, Amen.

Interpretation of Tongue Given through Eliah Alvarez

William Linton:  The words I have spoken to you, speak them.

Micah Bell:   that verifies something the Lord’s also been speaking to me today…He says, “You’ve got to quit preaching and teaching to the mind.  Preach to the spirit.  And so, by the Spirit I will lead you.  I will fill your mouth.  (Micah:  And perhaps this is the interpretation of that) That as you speak out of the spirit instead of out of your mind, it will reach the spirit of those that you speak to…in counsel…in teaching…in exhortation…in prophecy…that I desire to reach the hearts and the spirit of man. 

Because his mind is his enemy and I’ve said that in My word.  Don’t trust the mind.  Don’t seek to fill people’s minds with things for it will do them no good.  If it will do anything, it will puff them up in pride because of what they know.  But that kind of knowing is not the knowing of the Kingdom.  The knowing of the Kingdom is what you know in your spiritman…which you would call the belly or the gut.  So, understand this day that My Kingdom is spirit.  I am Spirit.  And I desire the things to be of the spirit and not of the mind…not of the intellect…not of the logic. 

And even though there will be those that I will use that have the intellect and the logic in their minds to do things…but it will bring glory to Me because they will understand where they got what they have and they will glorify Me in it and give thanks to Me for what I have given them to do.  There are other spirits that will give you things.  There are other spirits that will influence you.  They’re very powerful.  They come through all kinds of sources.  And especially through the music of the world and the wisdom and counsel of the world.  

But understand this day, that I’m raising up a people that will hear Me and understand those other influences and voices and repel them and not go by them and give themselves to Me.  And I will lead them to do great exploits on the earth.  I’ve been longing for a people that would go forth in the power of My name and bring forth what I desire as My Son did when He came and walked on the earth.  He healed the sick. He raised the dead.  He cleansed the lepers. He cast out demons.  These are my people.  This is My way.  Did He not say, “if you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father”?  

Now understand what I’m like and what I want for you and what I desire for you.  And you shall have it, if you will trust Me out of your spirit and not out of your mind.  Lay your mind aside except at those special times that I give you to go and accomplish something.  But walk in the spirit.  Walk in My spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh and I will bless you.  Because health for your body comes from your spirit…by that life-giving spirit that quickens your mortal body.  Live out of the spirit.  Live out of the spirit and walk in the spirit and then I can call you My sons and My daughters and My family, sayeth the Lord.  


Sunday, March 19, 2017


Word through Benjamin McCollam

Take your sword that I’ve given you and use it like a machete and cut away those entanglements.  Cut away those things that’s trying to choke the life out of you…the joy out of you…the peace out of you…whatever it is, cut it away…cut it away.  And see Me and be able to know that everything I have for you…it depends on you.


Word through Micah Bell

I’ve given you a man who I have put in place as an example of what you will suffer.  That they will hate you.  They will despise you.  They will want you dead.  They will even seek to kill you.  And his name is Donald Trump.  (Micah:  And nothing he can do, it looks like, can make anyone turn.  They just hate him…hate him…hate him.  God is preparing us to be strong and know how to fight.)  I will protect you.  I will keep you.  The promises throughout the Old Testament even clear to the Book of Revelation…I am going to seal you and keep you.  And men won’t be able even to hurt you.  (So, we have nothing to fear, except lack of commitment).  I would that you be cold or hot. 


Blessing for the Week

So be blessed this week…just be blessed.  And I’m just going to say, “be blessed.”  I don’t know what you need?  But let it be generic that whatever you need…you be blessed.  If it’s financial breakthrough…if it’s physical breakthrough…if it’s a relationship breakthrough…I pray you be blessed…that the blessings follow-after you as you go out the door.  And this week, they overtake you.  And all at once you’re walking and boom you get tackled.  Wow, I got blessed…thank you!   And then come back next Sunday and tell us about it.


Sunday, March 5, 2017 


Word through Micah Bell 

The Lord is saying this morning…especially to some of you, 

“Come to Me. Let go and come to Me and I’ll give you rest. 

You’re weary. You’re tired. 

You’re hurting. You’re angry. 

You’re even hopeless. 

And I say, come to Me. Come to Me. 

Bring all of your burdens. Bring all of your problems. 

Bring all of your troubles. Bring all of your needs. 

Come to Me and I will show you the Father and we will sit down together and we will sup together and dine. And you will find peace. And you will find life. And you will find love. 


Do you not see? Do you not see that you’re loveless without Me? You cannot love without Me. I’m the source of love. You must take it from Me. Receive it for yourself and then you can love others. There’s no other way. There’s no other way. Don’t let the enemy, whose been the enemy of your soul for all your days…don’t let him blind you any longer…deceive you. But lay down your arms. Lay down your bitterness. Lay down and come to Me. And I promise you…and I cannot lie…I cannot break My promises…I promise you…you will find rest. You will find life. You will find healing. You will find deliverance. You will find love. 


Word through Ricardo Urias 

For the love of your Father is in your midst…it’s in your presence. For the love of your Father, you do not understand…for the love of the Father is here now. Open your heart. Let Me share My love with you. My love is mighty…so strong…you cannot comprehend yet. But if you will give yourself…give yourself to the Lord…you’ll feel His love. Feel the love of your Father. It’s a love that has no ending. It’s a love that is forever. And I know you have a broken heart there through the love that has let you down before…but the love of your Father will never fail you. The love of your Father will always be there. 


Blessing for the Week 

So be blessed this week…I bless you with encounters…godly, spiritual encounters. So be alert and be aware this week. And be encouraged…have courage and strength to speak up…to speak up, in the name of our Lord. 


Sunday, February 12, 2017


Word through Eliah Alvarez

Faint not My people.  Faint not in this hour.  Be not worried.  I say faint not and be not worried.

Know that I’m in charge of all things.  Know that with Me all things are possible.  Look to Me no matter what you’re going through.  Look to Me and I and I alone will bring you through this situation in this times.  So, faint not in this hour, My people.  Faint not and not be worried of the things that are going on.  Not only around you, but the things that you’re seeing.  Faint not My people.


Word through Abigail Bell

Draw closer to Me.  Draw closer to Me, not farther.  Don’t be distracted.  Don’t be distracted with what’s going on around you.  Draw closer to Me, I say.  Draw closer to Me.  For its only in Me will you find the protection, the peace, the joy and the love when everything seems to be going to hell in a basket.


Word through Ricardo Urias

Look up brethren.  I’m right here.  Stay focused on Me.  The words and things that have been thrown your way from the enemy…cancel them.  Let ‘em fall to the ground…be swallowed up by this earth.  And stay in truth…for the truth will set you free.  Stay in truth, My people.  Don’t listen to the enemy for he will deceit you at any moment…at any given moment.  So, stay focused on Me. 


Word through Elizabeth Alvarez

You’ve asked Me for change and I will bring about that change in your life.  It’ll never be the way you think it’s going to be.  It’ll never come the way you imagine.  But let Me do My work.  As you’ve cried out to me, I’m answering you.  Don’t look at the circumstances.  Don’t look at how it feels or what it looks like.  Look to Me…for I am doing a good work.


Word through Micah Bell

And even though you did not understand the words that I’ve brought forth…even though they were not clear to you…but did not you hear the cry of My heart?  Did not you hear…did not you hear the emotions of My heart?  And I say to you again, drift not…drift not.  Do not let go of that which guides you.  Be not caught up in the things of the world…for have I not said in My word that friendship with the world is enmity with God…with Me. 


And so, I say to you this day, let yourself not just drift. Let not yourself just float along in these days.  But be firm and grab the rudder…grab the rudder so I may guide you.  I will touch your hand.  I will guide you.  Do not drift.  Do not let go.  It’s an urgent hour.  Did you not hear the cry of My heart? 


Word through William Linton

I love you.  I love you.  That’s what will give you strength.  That’s what will fill you…is My love for you.  It’ll come out in your passion in the things that you are passionate about that you love to do…that I’ve place in you…things that are of Me.  I just love you.  Just know that.



I’m seeing it unfolding in the spirit as different ones are giving interpretations of what the Lord is saying.  I’m seeing a heart.  I’m seeing a heart.  I’m seeing a face in a heart.  I’m seeing a sadness and tears and then I’m seeing a stillness.  As the heart gets very still and very quiet and tunes in…and tunes in…and the peace and the joy and the guidance…it’s all there and it all comes as we’re still.


Word through Abigail Bell

The voice calling…the voice calling.  I’m calling.  I’m yearning for you.  I’m yearning for you.  I don’t want just a little corner of you.  I don’t want even just half of you.  I want all of you.  I am yearning for you.  I am calling you with My voice.  And I’ve been calling you.


In these days ahead, you need to hear My voice.  You need to know what I have to say…not the other voices.  I am yearning for a relationship with you.  Deeper…closer than ever before.  Here, it’s been said My heart today.  Yes, I am love and yes, I am these things, but I’m calling.  Hear My voice today.


Micah: (Prayer after singing Be of Good Cheer, I believe God)

Lord, if there’s anything that’s hindering or blocking that…You reveal it, Lord that we’ll take care of it as You show us Father, in Jesus Name.  And we thank You for the blessing. 


Blessing for the week…And Lord, in Your name, Lord Father…Abba Father, I bless everyone here, in this room, that this week, they will come across a path to be able to give the testimony to minister to somebody Your word, Father, this week…. more than one, Father…more than one.  Lord, cross our paths with those that are ready to hear, we pray.  Bless us with that, Father and we thank You Father that You hear us and that You’re going to fill this house, in Jesus name.

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