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Prompted by dreams and Words of the Lord, Ricardo refers to Zephaniah and Jeremiah with a warning about the judgement coming in the days ahead. Ricardo Urias 08/06/2017


Saturday March 21, 2020

Here is a word given to me from the Lord Sunday, December 11, 2016. The Lord was preparing us well ahead of time.

"Hear My voice this day, O says the Lord. Hear My voice for I speak clearly to you as My people. And I say unto you, be not comfortable. Do not settle in and be at ease at what you see. Think not…think not that it shall go on and everything will be okay. For I say to you this day, I alert you that it shall not be as it seems. It shall not be as men say it will be. For it will be as I say it will be and as I am about to do upon the earth. 

Have I not said in My word that I will shake the whole earth? Yea, have I not said that even the foundations shall be shaken? And everything that can shake will be shaken except My kingdom. My kingdom must come forth with shaking…to shake away all that which is not of Me…to remove the tares and all of the other things that are not of Me. So, I tell you this day, the shaking is coming and fear not…fear not. But listen not to the voices of men. Listen not to those that want to be at ease. Listen not to those that want to be comfortable. For I say, I will discomfort the whole earth.  

But yea, I will keep you in my bosom as I’ve said. So, come away with Me. Come away with Me and know Me and stay close. And I tell you…I tell you, I will keep you and you will have nothing to fear unless you let fear come into your life. It’s your choice. But I say this day…this day, I give you My promise…I will keep My people in the hour of darkness and calamity."

I hope this encourages you and assures you that everything is gonna be all right for all of us who love God and are called according to His purpose.

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