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Take Out the Precious

Jeremiah had a falling out with God, but when God told him to repent, he was also told to remove the precious from the vile instead of the vile from the precious.

Your Calling

The gifts and callings of God in our lives are not only important to know, but also essential to our fulfillment and effectiveness in life. From Sunday morning March 12, 2017 Micah Bell

The Court of God and Lies

Our Father God sits in His court and has His Council or lesser divine beings. When we gather, we come before the Lord's court and can make appeals of intercessions and requests. There are no lies here, only truth. Lies are very harmful and damaging. February 26, 2017

Healing the Broken Heart

Most everyone on planet earth has a broken heart, especially spiritually. Sometimes it manifests physically as we see with so many having heart failures and even dying. Micah talks about how, through the years of ministry, he has learned to minister to those with broken hearts. He will soon have book available about the broken heart.

Core Fear..

The initial spirit to enter Adam and Eve was fear. The fear caused them to try to hide from God. Ultimately, everyone needs to find their core fear and break free for full trust in God; otherwise, fear has torment.

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The Power of Gratitude

God accepts thanksgiving as a sacrifice of praise unto  him. Here is a key to spiritual warfare and breaking personal bonds.

A great Sunday morning gathering as we share, sing and minister to one another at The KEY Ministries. December 18, 2016

Getting Ready

Not every believer has a deep desire to be all that he or she can possibly be in God. As this age draws to a close, the Holy Spirit is telling us to get rid of all fear and be ready for what is about to take place on the earth.

Securing Your Borders - Micah Bell
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Securing Your Borders

When a believer has his or her first ministry of deliverance, it should and must be understood that if you turn back, you are not fit for the Kingdom of God. 9/1016