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Our Five Senses

The Pentecostal experience is also for our five senses to see, taste, smell, feel and hear God. Micah uses the Holy Place in the Tabernacle of Moses as the Word's picture of this experience in our Christian walk.


From the secrets of our hearts come our attitudes which are our manners or dispositions with regard to a person or thing. We are to let the attitudes to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus. May this teaching bring deliverance. Micah Bell February 7, 2016

Communication Teaching

The Kingdom of God is made up of relationships, but there are really no relationships without communications. When there are problems with communications we have problems. Love must be communicated. Micah Bell January 24, 2016

Interactive NT Gathering

Testimonies of deliverance and healing with sharing by Micah about the real reason for New Testament deliverance in the personality of believers. January 17, 2016

Rebellion and Stubborness

Most of us, as believers in Christ, are not outright rebellious, but it seems we have our little pockets of rebellion that we justify and guard not realizing that God's Words says this is a form of witchcraft or divination. There is ministry here for deliverance from such.

Our Five Senses - Micah Bell
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Attitudes - Micah Bell
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Deliverance from Rebellion and Stubborness - Micah Bell
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Body Dominion

Sharing about how the weather in Texas is a sign of what's to happen this next year during Jubilee by Stephen Tassio. Testimonies and Micah teaches about the final frontier of the flesh and how to obtain dominion of our bodies.

God and gods

The Lord God has created other gods that assemble as His council. There are also other spiritual entities that we need to know about. This teaching also reveals how these spirits can affect us.

God and gods - Micah Bell
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