If you live in the local area, we initially encourage you to visit our Sunday morning gathering.

You will receive initial ministry through the power and love of the Holy Spirit.

We have ministry teams for personal ministry. Their gifting and discernment will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your ministry.


We have limited accommodations for those who desire to come for ministry from outside our local area.

If you consider this, Please fill out and send the

Personal Information Sheet.

 You will be contacted once we receive your confidential information to determine the best response to your situation and needs.


There are no fees. We do receive offerings as the Lord leads and provides.

If possible, we encourage you to include a weekend during your visit so you can be in one of our gatherings. Our Local Body is smaller which allows us all to minister the Lord's love more effectively and personally.

God loves you, and wants us to personalize His love for you through the ministry of deliverance and healing.

Most of all, He wants you free and healed!

You will find a map of our location HERE.

In case you will be staying off-campus,

here's a list of local accommodations