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given through Prophecy by Ida Mae Hammond

November 29, 1981


I have raised you up as a Receiving Station, saith the Lord, and as a Receiving Station you shall be different from every other body in this area. You are not to look at yourself and compare yourself with others, for you will never be as they are. Not that they are wrong and you are right, but you are different, saith the Lord. You are created in a different way. You have been brought together and established for a different purpose, saith God. Even as all of My children are of Me and yet one is different from another, so are all of My bodies and My churches of Me, saith God. But yet one is different from the other, and so I say unto you, you are a Receiving Station.


Now, know the purpose that I have called you for: A Receiving Station, saith God. But in order to receive, you have to first of all be established, and you have to be solidified, and you have to be matured, and you have to be brought into unity, saith the Lord. For this Receiving Station is a place where people shall come from far and from near. Some from your very back door will make their way here, and others across the great land of yours will make their way here. Yes, even around the world, saith the Lord, shall My people find their way here, some in a most peculiar manner, saith God. But they shall arrive and you shall receive them, saith the Lord, and in receiving them you receive Me, saith God.


But in order to fulfill the purpose I have in receiving them, you must see them as a whole man, as a total man, and you must be interested in all of their needs, you must not only be interested in their deliverance, but in their healing, in their finances, in their personality, in their home, in their needs, saith God, as you receive them. And so you need to be whole persons. You need to be whole, healthy families, and you need to have a healthy Body here, saith God, so that when you receive these people, they shall not burden you down, but you shall be able to minister to them and send them on their way, saith God.


Do not think of yourself as growing and growing and becoming known for numbers, saith God. That is not My purpose. My purpose is to be a Receiving Station, and I shall raise you up for that, and you shall not resist Me in it, saith God, and you shall let Me bring it forth as I want it to be brought forth. So, think not in magnificence of material possessions, saith God. That does not interest Me, saith the Lord. But think in terms of people, in terms of need, in terms of meeting the total man, saith God, and receive them in My name, saith Jesus.


Receive them in My name, minister to them, know their needs, love them, meet compassion with compassion, meet needs with needs, saith God. And if they brother be hungry and if he be without clothing and if he be without food and without shelter, you shall not say to him, “Be thou clothed and be thou fed,” and send him on his way; but you shall meet his needs, and you shall minister unto him, and he shall go his way rejoicing.


And do not feel that because they come and they go, they come and they go, they come and they go, that you are failing, saith God. You are not failing, for Receiving Stations only do that. They come and they go. They come and they go. So do not feel guilt ridden. Do not feel as though you are a failure. Do not feel as though you do not have enough here to attract them. I am not interested in attracting them here to say, necessarily, saith God. I am here that their needs be med that the total need of the total man can be met. You are My Body, saith God. You are My Receiving Station.

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