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Eyes to See

How could it be that it took over thirty-nine years before I "saw" a demon, or should I say, demons. Up to that time, I basically believed there were poltergeist and such, but to encounter them, one probably had to go somewhere like a haunted house or maybe a cemetery. After clearly hearing the voice of the Lord telling me that the nice people in the church I was pastoring had demons and doing some soul searching research about what I had been told, I believed that it was true and set-out to verify the revelation.

My convincing experience was very personal. After listening to some teachings on cassette tapes and reading a book banned by Christian book stores, I decided to start with myself. I wondered if any such of these things were lurking inside me. I sat down on the edge of my bed one afternoon and, feeling somewhat silly, began speaking to any unclean spirit that might be in me. Lo and behold, I began to feel very weird and shaky. I could feel something within my body. I stood-up and ran to look in the bathroom mirror and, to my shock, there was something looking through my eyes that I realized was not me. It was time to stop this and seek help. I soon found the ministry I needed and, out of this experience, the Lord directed me to begin casting demons out of His people which as been major part of my ministry ever since. I also want to add that I discovered there were things about me that were not "me." They left and my life changed.

Since that time, my eyes have been opened to see, or discern, demons—especially in people. These things, in one form or another, are everywhere if you can see them, but, as Jesus said, most people, including Christians, do not have eyes to see such: "Seeing, they do not see." (Matthew 13:13)

Everyone has some degree of demon influence as I have explained in my latest topic: "Demons in People." It is of deep concern when I see it in leadership—political, religious and otherwise.

Could this be the real problem—period?

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