First Day of Ministry in England

Greetings from London.

We arrived yesterday morning at 11:00 AM London time after an all night flight over the pond. It was basically a good ride except for not being able to sleep due to tight seating and stuffy air. But we made it and was met by Sophie Gidet, Elizabeth’s daughter who drove us to Derbideg’s home in Dunstable which was about an hour’s drive from Heathrow Airport.

After some time with Damaris, another Gidet daughter, I crashed and slept for a long hour and was awake when Andrew, her husband, arrived from work in London. We sat down to a nice meal after which Andrew and I had time to get to know one another. One thing we talked about is soccer. Huh?

After lunch today and after the two boys were bedded down for a nap (they are one and two years old) Abigail and I ministered to Sophie and Damaris individually. For both, there was deliverance and healing.

By five PM, it was almost dark here, and Sophie drove back to a hotel next to Heathrow where we have had a great buffet dinner and are now about to sleep off some more jet lag.

Tomorrow we fly out at 11:30 AM and someone will be meeting us at the Geneva airport to take us to the chalet for a week of ministry, fellowship and French cheese.

(Damaris, Andrew and Sophie to your left.)

We will keep you posted.

Remember, you are here with us in the Spirit.


Micah and Abigail

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