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The Veil of Deception - Micah Bell

Jesus said there will be much deception in the latter days. Some claim to have an anointing from God, others are deceived by trying to keep some of the law. Many have their understanding obscured by a veil.

Part of a Word of Prophecy

Given to Micah Bell

Sunday April 9, 2017

“You’ve got to quit preaching and teaching to the mind.  Preach to the spirit.  And so, by the Spirit I will lead you.  I will fill your mouth.  (Micah:  And perhaps this is the interpretation of that) That as you speak out of the spirit instead of out of your mind, it will reach the spirit of those that you speak to…in counsel…in teaching…in exhortation…in prophecy…that I desire to reach the hearts and the spirit of man. 

Because his mind is his enemy and I’ve said that in My word.  Don’t trust the mind.  Don’t seek to fill people’s minds with things for it will do them no good.  If it will do anything, it will puff them up in pride because of what they know.  But that kind of knowing is not the knowing of the Kingdom.  The knowing of the Kingdom is what you know in your spiritman…which you would call the belly or the gut.  So, understand this day that My Kingdom is spirit.  I am Spirit.  And I desire the things to be of the spirit and not of the mind…not of the intellect…not of the logic. 

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