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Micah Stephen Bell is the founding shepherd of the KEY Ministries.His first pastorate in Macedonia, Illinois in 1959 was chosen as the rural church of the year for the state of Illinois. Later, at age 23, he was elected to the State Board of Directors of the Southern Baptist Convention in his home state.


After pastoring three other Southern Baptist church from Texas to Oklahoma, Micah left the ministry and became a commercial pilot and flight instructor managing a small airport in Ardmore, Oklahoma. His lifelong dream to fly soon faded turning him back to people care by pursuing a master’s degree in counseling psychology and being involved in directing a treatment center for emotionally disturbed children and teens.


Ultimately, Micah, then known as Steve, was truly apprehended by God in the summer of 1977. His calling from the womb was clearly reconfirmed, and he was soon ministering in a completely new dimension of the Holy Spirit. In just a few months, while he was pastoring his first Pentecostal type church, the Lord revealed the reality of unclean spirits in his personal life and other Spirit filled believers in the flock. Because of the rejection of the ministry of casting out demons, some Christians in the Dallas/Fort Worth area came against him and ministry, but doors for ministry kept opening, especially with a radio outreach.


Micah spent some time as the director of the 700 Club in Dallas for CBN, but believers began to reach out to he and his wife, Linda, for the ministry of deliverance. They found their way to the door of their home. Hurting oppressed souls began to show up at their church gatherings—from all over the world. Many calls came requesting Micah to teach and minister throughout the United States and Central America.


God brought the Bells to an unusual place right in the midst of DFW Metroplex and began sending believers for periods of ministry. You can read the prophecy that accurately describes the past thirty-one years at The KEY Ministry Center. You can also read the miraculous way the Lord provided the ministry campus.


Presently, Micah is living on the campus of The KEY Ministry Center in Euless, Texas and has remarried to Abagail Federici after losing his first wife, Linda.



The story of the miraculous works of the Lord for us to have our ministry campus.








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