Out of the Shadows

In our part of Texas, we aren’t bothered by shadows from mountains. In all my 78 years, no one ever told me that mountain shadows were something to plan your time around either. Obviously, it takes three elements to create a shadow: a source of light, something it shines on and something that gets between that source of light and what it is shining on. Short of a total blackout, the shadow’s light is just darkened on the area where is falls. On a picnic in the French Alps a few days ago, I learned that mountain shadows should seriously be considered. Some of my newfound French brethren and I hiked to a valley formed by snow covered peaks and lush assents of trees painted by the brush of autu

Our Can do God

It was Jesus who said, “With God all things are possible,” and certainly He ought to know. Most Christians, like me, have heard this quoted hundreds of times not thinking how such a statement is beyond comprehension of our carnal, finite minds. As I was praying for some physical healing a few days ago, not really understanding what I was dealing with, the thought came to me that maybe I should seek the help of a medical doctor to diagnose the problem. Seems like a reasonable thing to do, but like so many things we have available in our lives in this modern society, there's always a catch. I know and have seen that Satan can cause healing, and I also know that in such a case there is a trade-

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