Should we compromise?

Well, here it is again—Halloween—and most of the churches are scrambling to do something to compensate for what the parents and kids might be missing. Missing what? A day waiting for the dark so they can go around the neighborhood with the supposed threat of candy or consequences? A season celebrating death, demons, disguise and fright? What a time for pastors to stand up, tell it like it is, and make an impact! Not only should Christianity and the church not have anything to do with such dreadful observation, but it should reject and renounce the spirits invited and entertained by open recognition. Obviously, there is little or no discernment of spirits which is one of the gifts of the Holy

Should we talk about sexual lust?

I just finished doing a Deliverance Talk video about sexual lust. I wasn't an easy project. It actually took me over three days to get it done, and I am still not happy about the outcome. Nonetheless, it's now out there if you care to see it. With all the news about what one powerful man has done to countless women, I believe people need spiritual understanding about why any sane, successful person would behave so destructively. Well, of course, you can expect my answer: demons/unclean spirits. But who wants to hear that. I don't think they talk about that in the typical, high cost rehabs. Sad to say, if they don't address this core spiritual issue, hardly anything will really change. As we

Return from France

Finally feeling like the jet lag is gone, it's time for me to get back on track with blogging. Of course, the main thoughts at present are the many wonderful experiences and ministries during our time in France. The reception of our teachings and ministry by everyone was a joy and blessing in every encounter. Strongholds were broken, hearts were healed, relationships were mended, curses were broken and agape love was released. Before leaving home, the Lord directed me to go to the city of Lyon and do spiritual warfare by pouring out a vial of wine as I did at Queen's College in Long Island, NY before our Presidential election. (Seems Hillary did not get elected). When I asked Emanuel, the br

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