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Objects and Demons

Surprisingly, of all my talks on, the one with the largest response is “Demons in Your House.” Some of the responders did not even know that spirits can be attached to objects. Others heeded the information, got rid of some their stuff, and felt the difference in their dwelling place.

Actually, this reality is spoken of throughout the Bible especially by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 10:20-22. As I have said in my book No Other Gods, there are those that scoff at such, and so did I until I began to see the outcome by obeying the discernment and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. The breakthroughs in lives and dwelling places are undeniable.

Demons can be invited into your dwelling place by what you have in it or bring into it. Maybe you have read about the many people that have brought rocks home from the volcano in Hawaii? Seems they became believers.

I have helped with all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual issues due to jewelry, dolls, stuffed animals (including teddy bears), artifacts made by people of other religions, books and recordings. This is not some superstitious fable. It’s real!

Read my book. It’s free on our website (if you are not on it here).

Let me know when you have a breakthrough.


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