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Return from France

Finally feeling like the jet lag is gone, it's time for me to get back on track with blogging.

Of course, the main thoughts at present are the many wonderful experiences and ministries during our time in France. The reception of our teachings and ministry by everyone was a joy and blessing in every encounter. Strongholds were broken, hearts were healed, relationships were mended, curses were broken and agape love was released.

Before leaving home, the Lord directed me to go to the city of Lyon and do spiritual warfare by pouring out a vial of wine as I did at Queen's College in Long Island, NY before our Presidential election. (Seems Hillary did not get elected). When I asked Emanuel, the brother in France, to take me there, he told me the city was the capital of France at one time. I also discovered the entire city was overshadowed by a gold image of the Queen of Heaven atop a large cathedral high on a cliff overlooking the city.

We were directed to go down to the level of the main city and pour out a vial of water and wine in front of another cathedral which faced toward the elevated site. Abigail saw a veil that was over the people of France, and we believe this spiritual warfare was to remove the spiritual veil. Time will tell.

Back at

the ranch, we are going to have a weekend of fellowship and celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. Two believers are coming in from England to be with us for a week. A baby named Olivia Grace Evans was born today to Jason and Sarah here in our midst. (A sign of new life here).

Things are picking up!


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