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Should we talk about sexual lust?

Joseph and Potiphar's wife

I just finished doing a Deliverance Talk video about sexual lust. I wasn't an easy project. It actually took me over three days to get it done, and I am still not happy about the outcome. Nonetheless, it's now out there if you care to see it.

With all the news about what one powerful man has done to countless women, I believe people need spiritual understanding about why any sane, successful person would behave so destructively.

Well, of course, you can expect my answer: demons/unclean spirits. But who wants to hear that. I don't think they talk about that in the typical, high cost rehabs. Sad to say, if they don't address this core spiritual issue, hardly anything will really change.

As we know, the root problem is rejection. That's what draws the lust spirits and feeds the deception that sexual pleasure is love and that such "love" brings healing. Not to, my friend.

Only God's agape can do it. That and that alone.

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