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15 Years Ago Today

It was 15 years ago today that I was in New York City—the first anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks. I happened to be there at the invitation and accommodation of a nice hotel room by my sister, who was working at the time in Manhattan on an assignment for a large and well known accounting company.

It occurred to me when planning the trip that it would be during this event, and I felt it must be Divine timing. I was strongly impressed to compose and print-out a prayer and pass it out to the people who would be at the site of fallen towers. I was also impressed that it was to be a repentance prayer for the sins of our nation. (See the prayer HERE).

I arrived in the city on the day before the anniversary event, and made my way to, what everyone was calling, "The Hole," as soon as I figured out how to use the subway system. I felt like I was spying out the land in preparation before I was to be there the next day.

The next morning, I got to "The Hole" by 8:00 AM. Already there were hundreds of people milling around and military groups lining up for their part in the ceremonies.

In my little shoulder bag I had about 100 copies of the prayer I had written, so I began handing them out to various individuals as I walked through the crowd. Fear tried to come over me that what I was doing might be illegal, and I might get in trouble, but I continued until the announcement to begin the ceremony.

Following the observance, I went up to the chainlink fence in front of the giant hole and read the prayer out loud while people stood on each side of me. I was nervous and a little shaky, but knew I must do it at the direction of the Holy Spirit. I returned the next day and read the prayer again, just to be sure I fulfilled my mandate.

Later sitting in a pew in the old, musty anglican church building by the hole, where our country had it beginnings, I pondered what all this meant. One thing I certainly knew—I just completed a Divine appointment.

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