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Ministry in France

Abigail and I arrived in France Thursday afternoon via London and Geneva. Brother Emmanuel greeted us and took us on the two hour drive to the village of Les Allues in the French Alps where he and his family live. The feeling of jet lag was heavy, but the Lord sustained us as we began sharing the Lord together until we finally had to fall in bed and begin to readjust our body clocks to French time.

Friday began with brethren arriving from as far away as the West coast, and we talked, taught, ate and rejoiced until the midnight hour. We also minister deliverance to two of the brothers. There were questions about the Scriptures, ministry for rejection, the importance of music in our lives and sharing about Enoch, his writings and why the Lord took him.

Today we are expecting more folks to show up very soon and,

after lunch, we will begin more teaching and ministry. I have brought a little projector so I can teach about the Tabernacle of Moses and the Feasts with diagrams. There will more deliverance and healing ministry. Everyone seems to be very hungry to learn about the The Word and the Lord's ways and to receive ministry.

The weather here is absolutely beautiful with the temperature 70 degree at midday and in the forties at night. There is no way to describe the view from the brother's small back yard. The Alps are an

awesome creation of the Lord.

I know I don't have to ask for your prayer support. The Lord has shown me that we are to do some warfare and prophetic things for this country. We will go to the city of Leon on Monday for this.

I will try to keep you informed so you can war with us. Our God is an awesome God!


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